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Nothing escapes optimization through technology - not even food. How?

'optimum satus sursum'
Excellent Start up

In the autumn of 2013, Adeel Khan says he decided to pack in his 10 year old business in investment banking when he saw that it his work is better suited to developing products and solving consumer problems


“I wanted to do something real, something tangible,” Mr Khan says.

“So what did I know? I knew food and finance.”

Trained as an engineer at Imperial College London and the University of Oxford, Mr Khan subsequently did stints with banks including Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers in London before striking it out on his own.

From the onset we understood that we needed the right people and the right technology to be long term successful. Tayyib was the first Brand we launched for the Disaster and Emergency Sector

Retort Pouches we new to a large part of the world. We had to do a lot of R&D to convince early adopters.

Our first facility was a small operations with food supplier partners, operational in May 2014.