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Our Brands


R e t a i l
H u m a n i t a r i a n
S m a r t   P o u c h   Q u r b a n   
B a b y  /  K i d s  M e a l s
P l a n t a s t i
D e f e n c e
Leading Halal Brands


Specialized Manufacturing
P r i v a t e   L a b e l
'Hic manebimus optime'
here we'll stay excellently


  • Portability

  • Ease of preparation and serving

  • Microwaveable

  • Refrigeration free storage

  • Restaurant quality taste


  • Project Management

  • Packaging Development

  • Process Development

  • Specification Development;

  • Plant Trials


  • Formulation Design

  • Sensory Evaluation

  • Nutrition Planning

  • Shelf Life Optimization

  • Menu Development


  • Process Improvements

  • Product Quality

  • Consistency

- Director, Corporate Communication, PepsiCo, MENA
“Excellent work, great product and thanks for assisting with putting the project together till its execution and delivery.”  
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