Saahtain Brand Exhibition over the years.

Saahtain have been showcasing its brands and products over the years through different expos across the world. From product launching, food testing and just simple display of their products, their 6 main brands; Tayyib, AlGourmet, Food Pouch, ExGourmet, Golden Eats and Qurban are being directly introduced to the market. Lead by their CEO, Adeel Khan, he ensures that these brands are strongly presented to their audience. The brands that Saahtain are catering are mostly ready-to-eat meals which do not require cooking and is nutritional to the needs of the people.

This year, due to COVID-19, it is very unlikely to have exhibits for Saahtain. So we are sharing some photos of the past events held in different exhibitions. These are the following brand exhibition that Saahtain have joined over the time:

1.) DIHAD, Dubai

2.) AidEx, Brussels

3.) HalalFood, Japan

4.) IDEX, Abu Dhabi

5.) HalalFest, London.

Hopefully, by next year Saahtain could continue to work on these exhibitions again and be able to directly interact with our audiences.


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