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Plant Based Meat Product

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

What is Plant-based meat?

It’s a meat made from plants. They are made using plant and other organic products. It is exclusively intended and produced to look like, taste like, and cook like the usual meat to be used as substitute. Plant-based meats are more ecological and naturally friendly line up of meat substitutes.

What is Plant-based meat made of?

The principal components in plant-based meat substitutes are typically wheat gluten, lentils, soybeans and tofu, yuba, and a selection of nuts. Plant-based meat has different forms; burger patty, sausages, nuggets, seitan, falafel, tempeh, turkey, Mock duck even crumbles. These ingredients will undergo a process called extrusion; the ingredients will go through hydration, shearing and cooking wherein the characteristics of a meat is being imitated.

What are the types of Plant-based meat?

To further understand Plant-based meat, let us identify the two types of Plant-based meat; whole muscle meat and restructured meat. Whole muscle meat is intended to be similar to the meat of steak, chicken breast or just any other animal muscle. On the other hand, the restructured meat is the one that impersonates products like nuggets, sausages, ground beef, etc.

Is Plant-based meat healthy?

As we all know, the extreme consumption of red meat can be dangerous to health; it is linked to cancer, high cholesterol, cardio diseases, obesity and other deadly diseases. While Plant-based meats are said to be healthier because it contains no cholesterol and has an ample amount of fiber. To add, Plat-based meat is being revamped with vitamins and minerals by the companies and they are not filled with antibiotics and hormones that are fed to animals.

The future of Plant-based meat.

As this Plant-based meat grows its popularity, the meat industry is slowly shaking up. Plant-based meat is being more popular and widespread by the day. Having a healthier substitute to meat, and at the same time being immensely more sustainable and packing authentic aromas, odors, and feels, plant-based meats are making it stress-free than to decrease conventional meat intake. Customer demand and affirmative reaction in the past years have proven that plant-based meat are here to reinvent the food industry. It’s not just fad, but a growing and promising industry. Many people have been experiencing health issues due to conventional meat and this plant-based meat is indeed a game changer! And if you are thinking of changing your lives now… start doing it now for a healthier life!


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