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Pouches to replace cans

Processing and sealing food airtight containers is called canning. Canning started in 1795 which has been used ever since for food preservation commercially and in our homes. However, over the years, research supports that metal cans can be extremely difficult to open and heavy to carry. Further, canning have a lot of disadvantages in using for food preservation such as; food contains high levels of sodium, improper methods can be dangerous, requires a significant investment of time and equipment and most especially has fewer nutrients.

Nowadays, a lot of companies have chosen to venture on using pouches for the preservation of their products. With the growing acceptance of stand up bags and pouches, this inventive packaging is now considered to be one of the lowest cost and quality options available in the marketplace today. One of our own brand, AlGourment, have been utilizing the use of food pouches. Below are just some of the advantages why brands like AlGourmet are dropping stiff packaging and turning to flexible stand up pouches to better promote, keep, and drive sales of their product;

1. Flexographic printing offers the most exact ink control with a wide range of films.

2. Stand up pouches can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.

3. Reduces the cost.

4. With stand up pouches, you can stock more of your product in less space, and it takes less time and labor to move it around.

5. Resealable closures help extend the life of food and create a better customer experience with your product.

6. Stand up pouches can keep food fresher for longer, and provide excellent barrier control to protect against the elements.

7. And lastly. Stand up pouches are better for the environment. Flexible packaging in general uses less resources and fewer energy and water to make, and fewer organic compounds are produced as a result.


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