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Feeding Pilgrims

Serving food inhabits a significant place for Saahtain that must be rendered to the pilgrims during events such as Hajj and Umra. Believers and devotees generally feel exhausted and starving after a long journey followed by a dip and again a staggered walk. Last year, lead by local Makkah Charity and the organization’s team member, Saahtain has taken the challenging task of feeding the Hajj pilgrims. This project has fed almost 100,000 number of pilgrims with Saahtain’s very own Tayyib Meals Pouches.

With the flexibility of our brand, Tayyib meals, we can take lead in this kind of activities, most specially in being a socially responsible organization. The pilgrims can effortlessly eat our Tayyib meals without the hassle of re-heating or cooking food because it’s ready-to-eat. Not only that Tayyib is a no hassle kind of meal, it’s definitely healthy with micronutrients and 100% halal. This kind of effort truly shows how Saahtain, specifically its brands are committed to providing solutions for the pilgrims.


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